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Roger Gray, 92, formerly State Center


Of all the treasures upon this earth, one crown jewel requires unique and eclectic guardianship. Its worth is beyond measure,  transcending any human attempt at appraisal as livestock, crops and families alike are raised within its arms.

Those chosen to champion this precious endowment will touch the sky, earth, water and life itself as they engage this call. They will wear it on their clothes, under their fingernails, in their hair and smiles. This dynamic harmony with nature and God Himself can prove cruel and capricious. Constant battles with weather, disease, injury, accidents and markets aren’t always won. Twentyfour hours per day, seven days per week, require an eternal optimist that can feed the world.

The rapture of independence must be tempered with valor to    remain forever unrelenting in the mission-sometimes for generations. God reveres the Iowa Farmer.

We return an Iowa son and steward to the land he was born upon that he lovingly guarded. It repaid him with astounding bounty and blessings. This descendant of Iowa pioneer farmers began his    journey as a little boy on the backs of work horses, riding with his Dad plowing in the fields. He finishes it surrounded by his ancestors and home town friends in perfect peace.

Roger J. Gray 3/15/26-12/4/2018

Eden Cemetery Rhodes Iowa

Memorials to the Rhodes Methodist Church, Rhodes Iowa

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